Maverick 'Make an Offer" Promotion

After years of trying different Promotions to generate more sales and to appeal to different customers, we have decided to try something completely different. 

Instead of a monthly promotion we are going to try a "Make An Offer" Promotion. 

If you browse to the product or service that you want and go to the product page.  You will see a button that says "Make an Offer".   Just click that and make us an offer and please include a reason for that special price. 

Maybe a competitor has a better price, you are not going to use the software that frequently, or maybe you need a large quantity, or no reason at all.

Our sales team with receive the offer and reply as quickly as we can.  The offer will be either Accepted, Rejected or maybe even a Counter offer might be made.

Please make sure your offer is reasonable compared to the price as not waste time with ridiculous price requests that have no chance of getting approved. 

If the button is not on the Product/Service that you want please email and we can see if we can get it added to the promotion.

This promotion is a limited time offer and might end at any time.