IronCAD Supports Direct SprutCAM Connection

IRONCAD CAM Connectivity Offers Fast Machine Setup With Efficient Machining

ATLANTA GA, March 23rd, 2016 - IronCAD, a leading provider of design productivity solutions, today announced full integration with the latest version of SprutCAM, a powerful programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and robots.

IronCAD's unique Catalog Drag & Drop technology leads the industry in design reuse and is especially helpful for CNC machine setup and fixture design. The Drag & Drop process offers intuitive part positioning which make it easy to create fixture assemblies, part setup documents and other relevant machining content. IronCAD makes it easy to share this information among your design team and the machine shop for convenient access.

The IronCAD catalog can archive parts with precise datum locations for CNC machining and fixture design and when combined with IronCAD's patented TriBall®, customers can position and orient machining parts with ease. IronCAD also delivers a wide range of tools to allow you to keep your manufacturing team closely involved in your CNC projects by including photorealistic rendering, 3D/2D PDF, web publishing of models, and a standalone 3D viewer.

Being a Gold Partner of IronCAD, SprutCAM system allows its users to add a "SprutCAM" button directly in IronCAD. On clicking this button, the current model is transferred and opened directly in SprutCAM. Additionally, while in the IronCAD session, the user is able to keep editing the model and then with a click of the "SprutCAM" button they are able to update the earlier opened model, recalculate the current tool path and generate a new control program. Such associativity ensures convenient working and updating with SprutCAM and the highest efficiency of the machining process due to excellent control programs.

Cary O'Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD stated, "IronCAD is pleased to announce the SprutCAM integration and the granting of our Gold Partners status to SprutCAM." Cary added, "The SprutCAM integration is a natural extension in the design process and the ability to make changes to the design for manufacturing with the update mechanism to maintain tool paths, provides a significant increase in productivity."

Download the latest version of IronCAD from and SprutCAM with the IronCAD Integration from

About IronCAD
Based in Atlanta, GA, IronCAD is a leading provider of 3D Design Productivity Solutions that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity. Individual components of this solution can be used standalone, complementary within an existing design environment, or can be used together to collaborate effectively throughout the enterprise to extend productivity. Its flagship product IRONCAD has won many industry awards for its innovative technology and leads the industry in its ease of use and design productivity. For more information on IronCAD, call 1-800-339-7304 or visit

About SprutCAM
SprutCAM with over 25 years of experience is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications.

SprutCAM is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and robots.

SprutCAM has over 5,000 licenses worldwide, managed through its network of dealers and OEMs.

Facts and figures

  • 2013 - SprutCAM topped the rating of the fastest growing CAM vendor of the world CAM market on the basis of CIMdata's data.
  • 2014 – A new SprutCAM training center in the USA was opened.
  • 2015 – A new SprutCAM training center in Germany was opened.
  • Throughout the world, a new copy of SprutCAM is installed every 40 minutes.

Independent from the branch of industry, SprutCAM will provide you with a wide range of automatic functions on everything from simple to complex machining jobs, which successfully cover and even surpass CAM systems of the upper level.

For more information on SprutCAM, call +1-608-849-4430, email or visit