IronCAD Announces New Mechanical Add-On

IronCAD Mechanical – Mechanical Utilities To Improve Design Efficiency

ATLANTA GA, February 17th, 2016 - IronCAD, a leading provider of design productivity solutions, today announced their powerful, new IronCAD Mechanical add-on which offers a complete library of intelligent tools such as standard fasteners, steel sections, pipes, flanges and a wide set of utilities that are all aimed to increase productivity in the design process. Because knowledge and rules are built directly into the tools, typical day-to-day tasks such as Bill of Materials generation, component placement and sizing are much simpler significantly reducing design time and effort.

Mechanical Utilities for 3D DesignIronCAD Mechanical delivers fast in-place design improvements but also features a specialized mechanical dialog to address all the details required to create custom or standard components and assemblies. Users have new dialog forms for all standard components (such as screws, bearings, gears, etc.) which graphically guides fabricators in the creation of assemblies with all appropriate settings like plate holes and clearances. Fastener Assemblies allow the creation of fasteners and holes that can be applied to multiple parts with precise settings for depths that follow engineering size standards. Plus, IronCAD Mechanical provides assembly associativity so when fasteners and plates are repositioned or resized all the holes and clearances are automatically updated.

IronCAD Mechanical offers significant productivity gains when creating, for example pipe layouts and steel sections. Users select a mechanical pipe from the catalog, verify the industrial information in the dialog and then drop the pipe into place. These components utilize Smart eBehaviorsTM that add intelligent behaviors such as positioning, orientation, constraints, sizing, or customized actions. For example, when other components are dropped onto the pipe, they automatically connect and size according to the previous pipe size making it faster to configure piping layouts. Fabricators also have access to specialized tools for trimming, welding and splitting components.3D Piping Tools for Design

IronCAD has announced that the base level proven functionality will be included free of charge to all customers beyond the standard 30 day trial period (includes Fasteners, Custom Holes, Bearings, Steels, O-rings, and Boss Threads).

Cary O'Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD, stated, "IronCAD Mechanical brings new power to our Design Collaboration Suite customers. By putting Smart eBehavior right at our customer's fingertips, we've made it easy to create mechanical assemblies, weldments and much more."

IronCAD Mechanical is immediately available to all active support customers at

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