IronCAD Compose

IRONCAD COMPOSE is free iPad, and PC collaboration software that allows sales and engineering teams to view, interrogate, and comment on designs and engineering data generated from any major 3D CAD system, dramatically reducing time to market.

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IRONCAD COMPOSE - Assemble - Configure - View - Communicate

- Great Sales Configurator

- View industry standards at no charge
- Add the $245 Translator option to VIEW and/or Import CATIA, ProEngineer, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Step, IGES, NX, Parasolids, Inventor etc.
- Once you have brought the file into Compose, you can share it with anyone for Free using the Free Compose software.

COMPOSE-TRANS. Native CAD translator to run with IRONCAD COMPOSE, providing read capability for ACIS, PARASOLID, IGES, STEP, CATIA, Pro-E, Unigraphics, SolidWorks & Inventor. This delivers a very powerful option for users wishing to collaborate with 3D data for viewing, rendering, animation, and configuration. Note: All imported data is 3D graphical data.

List Price: $245

File Type File Extension File Version Support Read
ACIS® .sat Read: R7-R21 X
PARASOLID® .X_T Read: R11-R24 X
IGES .iges, .igs Read: NA X
STEP .step, .stp Read: NA X
CATIA® .CATPart, .CATProduct Read: R2-R20 X
ProENGINEER® .prt, .prt.*, .asm, .asm.* Up to Wildfire 5.0 X
SOLIDWORKS® .sldprt, .sldasm Version 98 to 2012 X
INVENTOR® Part .ipt R6-R11 and 2008-2012 X
INVENTOR® Assembly .iam R11 and 2008-2012 X
UGNX® .prt R11-R18 and NX-NX7.5