CATIA V5 Week-V-Styling Surface (5 days)

Maverick Solutions is a CATIA V5- Styling Surface Training Experts-DASSAULT SYSTEMES education partner in SolidWorks, CATIA, SIMULIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA & 3DVIA

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 CATIA V5 Styling and Surfacing


5 days


2D Layout to 3D Design
In this course you will learn how to draw benefit from 2D & 3D available in a single environment to design 3D products
PHS: Photo Studio
Create photo realistic images using the Photo Studio workbench
Create and apply stickers to your models
Create animations using different techniques
PSO: Photo Studio Optimizer
Introduction to use the various Photo Studio Optimizer tools to enhance the quality of your photo realistic images
FSS: FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer & Profiler
Create styled shapes using digitized data
Create surfaces using a curve-based approach
Create surfaces using a surface-based approach
Analyze and correct the curve quality
Analyze and correct the surface quality
FSK: FreeStyle Sketch Trace
Use an image as a background or as a basis for design
Import an image into CATIA V5
Position an image in the CATIA V5 environment
Use an image as a background or as a basis for design
Import an image into CATIA V5
Position an image in the CATIA V5 environment
Upon completion of this course you will learn
How to use the Shape Sculptor application
How to import, analyze, enhance meshes
How to modify them by adding details or deforming shapes


Industrial Stylists and Designers


CATIA V5 Fundamentals


2D Layout to 3D Design
Accessing the Workbench
User Interface
General Presentation
User Settings
Standards Geometry Creation
Creating Projection Views
Exporting the 2D View to 2D Layout
Using 2D Components
3D Visualization and Use-Edges Capabilities
Managing the Background Visualization
Dressing-up the Geometry
Creating 3D geometry from 2D geometry
Data Management
Print Capabilities
Drawing Creation from 2D Layout
Environment management
Camera management
Light sources management
Shooting management
Textures management
Stickers management
Animation: Turntable management
Animation: Animating scene elements
3D textures
Bump mapping
Global illumination
Visual effects
Introduction to FreeStyle Shaper
Introduction to FreeStyle Workbench
 Accessing the Workbench
Exploring the User Interface
Using the Compass
Using the Visualization Tools
The Tools DashboardTo Sum Up
Using the Curve-Based Approach
What is Curve Based Approach
Curve Creation
Surface Creation Using Curves
Using the Surface-Based Approach
What is Surface Based Approach
Basic Concepts and Terminologies
Surface Creation
Surface/Shape Modification
Performing Operations on Surfaces
Analysis Tools
What is Temporary Analysis
Analyzing Surfaces
Analyzing Curves
Analyzing Using Parametrization
Introduction to CATIA Sketch Tracer Introduction Accessing workbench User Interface: Sketch Tracer
Importing the Sketches
What is Importing a Sketch
Why Import a Sketch How to Create an Immersive Sketch
How to Create an Immersive Sketch Using Screen Shot Modifying the
Appearance of a Sketch
Manipulating the Focus
Positioning the Sketches What is Positioning a Sketch ? How to Position
a Sketch Using Cylindrical View How to Position a Sketch Using Conical
managing Views
What is Managing Views ?
How to Manage Interactive Views How to Manage Conical Views
Introduction to CATIA Shape Sculptor
General Tools
Selection and Activation
Mesh Edition
Modeling Shapes
Terrain Modeling