CATIA V5-Week M - Electrical Discipline (4 Days)

In this course, you will learn about the basic capabilities of the Equipment Arrangement workbench

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CATIA V5 - Week M - Electrical Discipline


4 days


EWR: Electrical Wire Routing
Route signals
Create wires
Integrate external tools with CATIA electrical products
EHF: Electical Harness Flattening
Flatten and synchronize the electrical or the geometrical harnesses
Modify the bundle segments of a harness to fit your drawing
Define and generate reports
Create 2D drawings of 3D harnesses
Create Text Templates Catalog
ELI: Electrical Librarian & Harness Installation
Build and manage an Electrical Components Catalog
Design a harness integrated within the Digital Mock-Up
Connect bundle segments to electrical components


Electrical V5 users


Catalog Editor, Part Design, CATIA V5 basics


Introduction to Electrical Wire Routing
Importing External Data
Managing the Wires
Introduction to Harness Flattening
Harness Flattening parameters
Harness flattening modifications
Synchronize Flattened Harness
Links visualization
Report Generation
Creating Harness Drawings
Creating Text Template Catalogs
Replacing Graphic Representations
Generate Annotations Automatically
Introduction to Electrical Library Products
Electrical Components Definition
Electrical Librarian Catalog Management
Electrical Assemblies
Introduction to Electrical Harness Installation
Electrical Harness Settings
Creating a Geometrical Bundle Segment
Managing Branch Points, Branches and Local Slack
Managing Protections
Links Management
Support Management
Measuring Geometrical Bundle Inertia
V4 V5 Data Migration
Wire Management
Importing Electrical External Data For 3D Implementation