CATIA V5-Week G - V5 Admin and Integration V4 (5 days)

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: Use CATIA V4 data in CATIA V5 ,Transfer a CATIA V4 solid into a CATIA V5 CATPart,Manage the links between CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 documents

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CATIA V5 - Week G - V5 Admin and V4 Integration (5 days)


5 days


V5 Administration (ADM) 
how to install, customize and maintain CATIA V5.
They will study many issues about CATIA infrastructure, administration and data management.

V4 Integration (V4I)

Use CATIA V4 data in CATIA V5
Transfer a CATIA V4 solid into a CATIA V5 CATPart
Manage the links between CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 documents

V4/V5 Advanced Interoperability (V4A) 
In this course, you will learn advanced interoperability concepts about the migration of CATIA V4 geometric/application data to CATIA V5. You will also learn how V5 data can be saved in CATIA V4 formats or used directly in CATIA V4.


CATIA V5 Advanced Users Unix & Windows NT System Administrators and CATIA/ENOVIA key application & support engineers.


CATIA Basics, Sketcher, Part Design Basic knowledge of CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Solutions Unix Administration NT Administration


V5 Administration (ADM)
Installing CATIA V5 on NT and on Unix with documentation
Looking at Licensing system and configurations
License management on NT and Unix
CATIA V5 environments and related variable
Customized installations and users settings
Administrating settings with VB macros
Lock and set default settings by administrator/root
Organize CATIA data with DLNames
Customizing general and drafting standards
Upgrading from CATIA V5 service packs approach
Procedures for automatic installation checking on NT and Unix
Distributing CATIA on NT and Unix clients
A view of various batch tools
Reviewing Data and links management aspects
Over viewing of UNIX/Windows and V4/V5 interoperability
V4 Integration (V4I)

Introduction to V4 Integration
Creating a CATProduct using V4 data
Assembly of V4 data in a V5 CATProduct
Transferring V4 data into V5 CATPart
Design in context
Drawing of a V4/V5 document in V5
Migration of 2D Draw elements and Views
CATIA V5 DMU solutions and V4 data
Links between V4 data and V5 documents
V4/V5 Advanced Interoperability (V4A)

From V4 to V5
Transfer of V4 geometric data to V5
Transfer of V4 application data to V5
From V5 to V4
Using V5 data in V4
Saving V5 data in V4 formats