CATIA V5-Week E - NCI-Prismatic Machining-Lathe (5 days)

By the end of this course you will be able to create a Manufacturing Program, simulate it and generate outputs. You will be able to perform the following NC Manufacturing Infrastructure functions

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CATIA V5 - Week E - NCI-Numerical Control Infastructure (5 days)


5 days


Numerical Control Infrastructure (NCI)
dentify and use the tools specific to Manufacturing workbenches
Create a Manufacturing Program and simulate it
Manage Tools and Tool Catalogs
Define and verify the Tool Path
Generate NC data using an integrated Post Processor
Create shop floor documentation
Manage design changes
Import V4 data
Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant (MPA) - In this course you will see how to define and manage NC programs to machine parts designed in 3D Wireframe or Solid geometry with 2.5 Axis machining operations and how this product assists the NC programmer in making the link between Design and Manufacturing.

Prismatic Machining (PMG) - At the end of this course, participants will be able to define and manage prismatic (2.5 axis) operations, being aware of all capabilities in terms of strategies, parameters and transition paths.

Lathe Machining (LMG) - By the end this course you will be able to define and manage NC Programs dedicated to Machining Parts using Lathe Machining techniques. You will also be able to program Roughing, Finishing, Recessing, Grooving, Threading, and Drilling operations, and manage the Lathe Tools.

MLG: Multi-Slide Lathe Machining
Upon completion of this course you will learn how to program with CATIA V5 Multi turret & Multi spindle machines.
MPA: Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant
Define 2.5 Axis Milling operations in CATIA V5
Create prismatic machinable features
Form a link between Design and Manufacturing
MPG: Multi Pocket Machining
You will learn how to define:
Power Machining operation
Multi-Pocket Flank Contouring operation


Manufacturing Users (NC Programmers)


CATIA V5 Fundamentals


Numerical Control Infrastructure (NCI) - COMMON TOPICS
Workbench Presentation
Define Setup (Part Operation)
Machining Operation, Macros, Tools Presentation
Tool Path Verification & Simulation
Auto sequence
Auxiliary Operations
Output generation
Axial Operations
Hole selection - Machining Pattern Management
The different Process Views
Geometry wizard (edge, surface)
Import & Modify Tool Path
Resource Management
PP Word Table customization
V4 NCMill & NCLathe Set Import (optional)
Design Change Management
Machining Processes
Introduction to Multi- Slide Lathe Machining
Machine Definition
Create Manufacturing Programs
Create Synchronizations
Gantt Chart View
Time Based Replay
NC Outputs
Create NC Programs
Multi- Pockets Machining (Power Machining
Managing Offsets
Multi-Pocket Flank Contouring
Introduction to Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant
Global features recognition
Local features recognition