CATIA V5 - Week C - Knowledgeware (5 days)

At the end of this course, trainees should be able to create and use parametric parts and assemblies, without any help.

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CATIA V5 - Week C - Knowledgeware & 3D FTA (5 days)


5 Days


-Become familiar with the knowledgeware working environment, how it can be
accessed, the terminology that will be used and the settings
- Create parametric parts and assemblies
- Embed knowledge in your designs by controlling it using parameters,
formula, rules, checks and reactions
- Create and reuse Power Copies and User-Defined Features
- Create and store knowledge-driven design templates so as to instantiate
them in a new context
- Create and reuse advanced instantiation features like Knowledge PatternUpon
- Become familiar with the knowledgeware working environment, the way it canbe accessed, the terminology that will be used and the settings
- Embed complex design knowledge in a parametric part using knowledgewareexpert rules, checks and reactions
- Automate your design modifications using various knowledgeware expert tools
- Define, solve and analyze an optimization problem using tools from theCATIA Product Knowledge Engineering workbench


CATIA V5 Users


CATIA V5 Fundamentals


- Introduction
- Knowledge Advisor Workbench Presentation
- Creating parameters, Formulas and Lists
- Creating Adaptive Behaviors
- Creating Design Tables and Part Families
- Using Knowledge Advisor Tools
- Product Knowledge Template Workbench Presentation
- Creating and Using Powercopies
- Creating and Using User-defined Features
- Creating and Using Part and Assembly Templates
- Managing Standard Components
- Creating and Using Knowledge Patterns
- Introduction to Knowledge Expert
- Creating and Using an Expert Rule
- Creating and Analyzing an Expert Check
- Creating a Rule Base
- Product Engineering Optimizer Workbench Presentation
- Optimization Problem Formulation
- Optimization Problem Resolution
- Solution Analysis
- Best Practices for Optimization with PEO
- Design of Experiments Tools
- Constraint Satisfaction Tools