CATIA V5 - Week B - Analysis (5 days)

This course covers tools for Structural Analysis on a single part. Throughout this course, you will learn how to perform a modal analysis using the finite elements method. The result exploitation will help you optimizing the part design

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CATIA V5-Week B - Analysis


This course is designed using a process-based approach to training. Rather
than focusing on individual features and functions, this course emphasizes on
the processes and procedures required to complete a particular task. By using the case studies to illustrate these processes, you will learn the necessary commands, options, and menus within the context of completing a design task

FEM Solid

- Use different solid meshers such as Tetrahedron Filler, OCTREE Tetrahedron
Mesher, Sweep3D Mesher
- Create a solid mesh using mesh part transformations like Translation,
Rotation, and Symmetry on 3D mesh parts
- Analyze the solid meshes using the available mesh quality criteria
- Import/Export the meshes into/from CATIA

FEM Surface
- Use the various Meshers such as Surface Mesher, Advanced Surface
Mesher, Beam Mesher, and OCTREE Triangle Mesher
- Create a new mesh using existing mesh with the help of mesh transformation
tools and mesh operators
- Edit the mesh using the mesh edition tools available within the above
mentioned meshers
- Analyze the mesh quality using mesh quality checks and tools like Free
Edges, Duplicate Elements, Duplicate Nodes, Mesh Interference Checks, etc.


CATIA Designers


Mechanical Designers


This course will teach you how to create a FE model for a complex surface
part, and how to simplify geometric data so as to optimize the meshing
process. You will learn how to manage surface and beam meshes, modify
meshes and node distributions, and perform interference and quality checks.
- Introduction to FEM Surface
- Advanced Surface Mesh
- Surface Mesh
- OCTREE Triangle Mesher
- Mesh Operators
- Mesh Transformations
- Update Mesh
- Mesh Analysis Tools
- Import/Export Meshes
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