CATIA V5 Advanced Drafting (DRA) - (2 days)

Upon completion the student will be able to create and modify assembly and detailed drawings using various view types, dimensions

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CATIA V5 Advanced Drafting


2 Days


  • In this class, participants will Benefit from hints and tips on
  • Interactive drafting
  • Large assembly drawings
  • Dimension generation from 3D definitions of parts
  • Learn how to define standards and re-use existing start-up drawings
  • Build frames, title & revision blocks from table values with VBScript support
  • The will also learn how to manage drafting standard files.



Experienced drafters


V5F: CATIA V5 Fundamentals (EDU-CAT-E-V5F-F - V5R16)


  • During this 2-day session you will see
  • Detail review of CATIA drafting tools available in:
  • DR1: CATIA Drafting 1 Configuration
  • DP2: CATIA Drawing Production 2 Configuration
  • Defining Company Drawing Standards (production set)
  • Setting drawing formats, symbols, start up drawings patterns according to a
  • Company or project standards
  • Setting and controlling Standard files
  • Applications
  • Reusing an existing start-up drawings
  • For a generative drawing:
  • Advanced filtering techniques (multi-selection of nodes and attributes of
  • views)
  • Auto-dimensioning and balloons creation
  • Defining drawing formats (frame) and title block information (with and without
  • macros)
  • Integrating table values or revision information
  • Customizing with VBScript
  • Creating tolerance tables (automation) and managing ditto
  • Recommended Methodologies for ID1,
  • Hints and Tips, annotation and dress up tools (dimensions standards, text
  • standards, FD&T standards, center line with and without reference, etc