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      IRONCAD IRONCAD™ Integrated 3D
    and 2D Design
    and Collaboration
    DRAFT DRAFT™ 2D Detailing
    and 3D Collaboration
    COMPOSE COMPOSE™ 3D Configuration
    and Collaboration
    3D Modeling     
    3D Part Catalogs     
    2D Drawing     
    2D Parts Catalog    
    Dual Kernel Support    
    Single Scene Environment    
    Smart eContent    
    IntelliShape Modeling    
    PMI Annotation    
    Sheel Metal Design Tools    
    Structural Steel Creation   

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    System requirements:
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, or 8.1 (32 and 64-bit supported) (Home Editions are not supported)
    • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or higher (current AMD processors also supported)
    • RAM: Minimum: 2GB Recommend: 4GB or 8GB for larger assembly work.
    • Video: OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics card (for best results see HOOPS Compatibility).
    • Disk space: 2GB

    Are you attempting to open an .ICS file that you received in an email?

    If you received an email that includes an attachment with the .ICS extension (normally in the format of invite.ics or meetingdate.ics), these may be related to a calendar file for a meeting request. A simple test is to open your .ICS file with Notepad and see if it contains text such a iCalendar or vCalendar. IronCAD products are not associated with Calendar files and therefore cannot open these files. .ICS files that are generated from IronCAD related products are supported. Please verify your file type before proceeding to download the IronCAD Solutions.

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