PLM Solutions Based On World-Class Technologies The solutions we provide are based on the best product design, manufacturing and product lifecycle management software technologies available on the market today. Over the years we have taken great care in selecting our partners using three key selection criteria, the strength of their technologies, their commitment to supporting their channel partners and their customers and their financial stability..

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  • DDM

    DDM for all



    Multi-CAD PDM solution for Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, IronCAD, Creo Parametric, AutoCAD and Inventor. Providing full product lifecycle management (PLM) and revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents.

    Why choose DDM ?

    • Easy to implement, affordable and user friendly
    • Ready out of the box and fully scalable
    • Requires low maintenance


    • Achieve compliance with audit history
    • Streamline your business with workflow
    • Secure shared access to data

    Out of the Box Multi-CAD Integration

    CAD and Document Management

    • Revision control CAD parts, assemblies and drawings
    • Office document lifecycle management
    • Quick and powerful search and retrieval facility
    • Configurable auto-numbering

    Designed to streamline the design process

    Graphical Workflow Tool

    • Manage all business processes
    • Easy to create and to use
    • Build simple processes to complex multistep procedures
    • Accurate Audit trail for ISO and FDA Compliance

    Improving business level visibility, traceability & control

    Bill of Materials and Enterprise Update Manager

    • Automatic generation of BOM’s from assemblies
    • Modify modelled quantities
    • Create non-modelled parts
    • BOM comparison utility
    • Publishes full BOM information to an ERP or MRP system

    Manage complex, multi-level product structures and ensure accuracy


    Client licensing and minimum system requirements

    • 250mb hard disk space
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8 / 8.1 Enterprise
    • Windows 7 Ultimate
    • Windows 7 Professional
    • DDM is licensed on a single floating concurrent user basis
    • DDM includes SQL Express 2014
    "DDM increases productivity and is driving operational efficiencies across our regulatory processes that underpin our ability to achieve and maintain FDA compliance"
    Dave Everett Director of Research and Development
    "It’s been very impressive! The ability of DDM to be very quickly adapted and configured to meet our business needs. It goes beyond just data control and CAD..."
    Nigel Thompson Design Manager
    "We struggled for years with a paper system until we implemented DDM. Data management has become second nature, everything is stored and completed in DDM"
    Dan King Design Director





    NCG CAM is a stand-alone HSM CAM system that integrates with existing CAD and CAM systems including Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks.

    NCG CAM boasts many innovative features including automatic 3D roughing. This is suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised and smooth cutter motion for HSM machining, while helping to extend tool life, minimising wear on the machine tool and producing parts with excellent surface finish.

    cavity area clearance  cavity area clearance

    Main features

    Automatic 3D Roughing
    Z-Level Waterline Machining Using Surface Contact Angles
    Raster (Planar) Pass Machining Using Surface Contact Angles
    Spiral and Radial Machining
    Horizontal Area Machining of Flat Surfaces Only
    Pencil and Parallel Pencil milling
    Morph and Boundary Machining
    Automatic Rest Machining
    3D Constant Offset and Corner Offset Machining
    Core Roughing
    Adaptive Area Clearance Machining
    Perpendicular Raster Machining
    Variable Feed Rate Control
    Advanced Drilling Routines
    3 + 2 Axis Machining
    Stock Models
    Customisable tool holders
    Fully gouge protected toolpaths
    Simultaneous 5-axis add-on module for mould & die work
    Machine simulation module for 3-axis and 5-axis 

    NCG CAM has a very user-friendly interface, with a typical learning curve of just 1 day required to machine a live job.

    NCG CAM offers many advanced 3D machining routines, rest roughing & 3 + 2 capabilities for all toolpaths, a simultaneous 5-axis add-on module available.

    3+2 milling  5 axis milling

    Fast and efficient roughing strategies, including core roughing.
    Advanced drilling routines – includes automatic hole detection and / or user defined holes.
    All machining routines are fully gouge protected for both the cutter and the tool holder.


    • Easy to learn and use – learning curve of just 1 day to start cutting.
    • Toolpaths are optimised for HSM machining, to extend tool life and reduce wear on the machine.
    • 3D stock models can be created to clarify material moved.
    • All post-processors are written in-house, giving complete in-house support.
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