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  • We pride ourselves in our commitment to assisting businesses with the highest quality and most responsive attention to staffing requests available. 
  • We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our workers and our clients!
  • At Maverick Solutions Inc. we have the experience and expertise in the market to assess and provide you with the right talent for the job. 
  • With over 20 years of experience dealing with large and small customers across North America Maverick personnel know the people to talk to. 
  • Our customers include Honda, Chrysler, Boeing, Lockheed, Cessna, Bombardier, Magna, AB Sciex, Pratt and Whitney, Toyota, Volvo, ATK etc. etc. 
  • Maverick Solutions is a placement recruitment agency specializing in the search of manufacturing Engineers. These areas include Automotive, Tooling and Electrical. Our Candidates are pre screened to save our client companies time and money.|

Benefits of Using Maverick for Staffing

  • Maverick has Educated 1000’s of Engineers over the last two decades. 
    • Maverick has trained Engineers and Designers on CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Inventor, MasterCAM and more over the years. Our database of Engineers is vast and our ability to evaluate their skills is unsurpassed..
  • Support team at Maverick Solutions Inc.. 
    • Any contractor supplied by Maverick, has the option to call our instructors to assist when there are CAD technical areas that are unfamiliar to the contractor..
  • Upgrade and Skills Development Training.
    • As Maverick Solutions Inc. has a division dedicated to Training on many CAD/CAM software. The Contractors from Maverick can be updated on new releases and/or new functionality and disciplines that may be required in during the contract.


  • Design
    CAD/CAM Design Service

    Maverick Solutions provides manufacturing, aerospace, architecture design and product design services to entrepreneurs and corporations. From prototype to finished product we provide product prototyping with Polyjet technology, industrial and mechanical design, research and development, CAD/CAM rendered drawings and translations. 

      Design Services Includes:
    • Industrial design research and development
    • Mechanical design and engineering
    • Production setup and launch support
    • Rapid prototype and virtual renderings
    • PLM solutions
    • CAD Training, CAD/CAM  services using parametric CAD software
    • ISO supported documentation
    • CAD\CAM translations and transfers
    • Drawing editing and data transfer

    Aerospace Design
    Maverick Solutions Inc. has provided design expertise across North America for many major Aerospace Industry customers. We have provided CATIA V4 and V5 design services for projects in the following areas:
    • U.S. Space program  
    • U.S. Air Force Projects
    • Pratt & Whitney Turbines
    Architecture / Structural Steel / Frank Gehry
    Maverick Solutions Inc. has provided detailed CATIA experience to some of the most advanced architecture projects ever.

    The world's most famous living architect, Frank Gehry of Guggenheim Bilbao fame, has relied on Maverick's CATIA skills many times. Maverick Solutions Inc. was a key CATIA vendor for the award winning Weatherhead School of Business in Cleveland, Ohio. Other projects Maverick has been involved in include:

    Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

    Millennium Park, Chicago
    Bard College Performing Arts Center, Hudson, N.Y.

    Automotive Design
    Maverick Solutions Inc. is located in the Toronto / Detroit corridor, the hotbed of Automotive Design in North America. We have years of experience and industry associations providing design details for virtually every manufacturer of CATIA Designed Automobiles, including:
    • Magna
    • Chrysler
    • Honda 
    • BMW